True North Engineering (TNE) has experience in industrial manufacturing applications, material handling, process automation, industrial buildings, plant commissioning and start-up. Our commitment to safety combined with our broad industry experience and comprehensive expertise enables us to provide cost effective solutions in a timely and organized manner. Past projects have included Process Improvement, Material Handling, Assembly Stations, Work in Process Handling, Work Flow, Robotic Handling, Cranes, and Racking Systems. TNE designs Utility Systems such as Electrical Power and Distribution, Heating, Ventilation, Fume Mitigation, Chilled or Cooling Water Systems, ROI, Compressed Air, and Boilers (oil and hot water).
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  • Can Manufacturing
  • Extruded Metal and Plastics
  • Laminating, Coating, and Finishing
  • Rolled Mill Tubing
  • Rolled Flat Stock and Sheeting
  • Stamping and Forging
  • Assembly and Packaging

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