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Consulting Engineering Services

Feasibility Studies — When a manufacturing company realizes the potential need for improving operations or expanding manufacturing operations, they should evaluate solutions and costs. TNE helps convert their goals and philosophy into realistic actions. A feasibility study is a tool to aid in the planning of manufacturing. A company can identify constraints and opportunities. TNE aids a client in collecting information, identifying and analyzing any constraints that might prohibit them from achieving their goals. TNE assists clients in identifying specific projects, prioritizing them, and then creating a means to proceed or “road map” for each project.

Facility Planning — Facility planning is a process of identifying the user’s needs in a manufacturing facility or campus in order to create an overall facility design that will ultimately meet those goals. TNE can do an assessment of existing operations, facilities, utilities and site conditions. TNE provides opinions on strategic solutions to aid a client in determining the best site location for growth, resources (personnel and material), and cost effectiveness.

Engineering Assessment — TNE analyzes the facility under present conditions to evaluate the near term operating problems, plans and needs for additional capacity. TNE also examines the impact of improved methods. TNE assists a manufacturer in purchasing decisions as there is significant impact on enlarging or scaling down a planned new facility or enlarged facility. Material handling methods, facility layout, material flow, and controls systems are all improved areas for a manufacture to consider and TNE has expertise in each of these areas.

Food Safety — The Food Safety Manufacturing Act (FSMA) gives the FDA the authority to prevent food-borne illnesses and outbreaks before they occur and puts the responsibility directly on the manufacturers and suppliers. FSMA Preventive Control Rules focus on the following:

  1. Hazard Analysis and risk assessment (HACCP)
  2. Preventive controls (process control, allergens, sanitation, supply chain)
  3. Verification, monitoring of controls and corrective actions
  4. Recall plan
  5. Record keeping of all of the above

TNE can help navigate solutions to meet the complex requirements of the FSMA law.