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Design Engineering Services

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Process Engineering Services

True North Engineering, LLC (TNE) provides process engineering services ranging from a minor retrofit to an existing process up to the development of a new manufacturing facility. TNE works with the client to ensure that the process is properly scoped to serve the Client’s initial and future needs.

Process Development

  • Block Flow Diagrams
  • Process Flow Diagrams
  • Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams
  • Batch Timing and Throughput Analysis
  • Raw Material Delivery Requirements
  • Mass Balance
  • Process Simulation

Process System Design

  • Equipment Specification
  • Equipment Selection and Sizing
  • Equipment Arrangement in New or Existing Facility
  • Determination of Utility Requirements
  • Design of Subsystems to Support the Process
  • Integration of Material Handling Equipment
  • Process Instrumentation Selection
  • Preparation of Sequence of Operation for Control Systems
  • CIP Systems

Process Piping and Pumping System Design

  • Hydraulic Calculations for Raw Materials, Utilities, and In-Process Liquid Streams
  • Pump Selection for Viscous and Non-Viscous Liquids
  • Pipe Routing Plans & Isometrics
  • Specification of Specialty Fittings and Devices in Piping Systems

Project Types

  • New Facilities
  • Relocation to a New Site
  • Existing System Modifications or Expansion
  • Sanitary Design for Food, Dairy, and Confectionary

Packaging Engineering Services

True North Engineering, LLC (TNE) provides innovative solutions to problematic packaging operations. TNE is proficient in evaluating equipment layout and designing changes to reduce personnel and increase productivity. The cost for automated equipment typically provides a return on investment that permits its installation to be cost justified. TNE’s availability of other engineering services allows us to design the utilities and infrastructure to support the packaging line.

Packaging Equipment

  • Specify and Select Commercially Available Equipment
  • Source a Vendor for Custom Equipment
  • Equipment Layout Considering Ergonomics
  • Integrate Material Handling Equipment
  • Determine Material Flow Patterns
  • Determine Space Requirements for Packaging Materials & Warehousing

Packaging Systems

  • Develop Fully Integrated Control System
  • Evaluation of Existing Systems to Determine Inefficiencies
  • Design of New Integrated Flexible Packaging Lines from Filling to Palletizing
  • Design of Equipment Arrangement to Suit Space Available
  • Preparation of Elevation Views & Equipment Transfer Points

Package Development

  • Ascertain Volumes and Packaging Rates for Various Steps in the Process
  • Work with Client to Determine Packaging Materials
  • Select Commercially Available Equipment
  • Create Innovative Line Designs & Layout Options
  • Block Flow Diagrams
  • Prove Viability of Concepts
  • Conceptual Cost Estimate

Project Types

  • Liquid Bottle Filling
  • Powder Pouch and Bag Filling
  • Product Cartoning, Case Packing, and Palletizing
  • Evaluation Studies
  • Packaging Line De-bottle Necking
  • Automation to Remove Direct Labor

Material Handling Engineering Services

True North Engineering, LLC (TNE) services provide the complete spectrum of moving any type of material or object from one point to another. This includes dry bulk material with unique physical properties, industrial devices, work in process, unit food product, packaging goods, and finished cases.

Conceptual Designs

  • Determine Production Requirements
  • Survey Site for Available Space
  • Research Available Vendors for Commercially Available Equipment
  • Develop Conceptual Layout Sketches and Block Flow Diagrams
  • Prepare Conceptual Cost Estimate

Material Handling System Design

  • Specify and Select Equipment
  • Prepare Equipment Layouts Based on Equipment Size
  • Review Vendor Drawings
  • Design Chutes and Transfer Mechanisms for Equipment to Equipment Interfacing
  • Determine Ancillary Support Equipment for System Functionality
  • Determine Requirements for Utilities
  • Prepare Equipment Elevations
  • Determine Structural Support Requirements

Project Types

  • Single Piece Point to Point Transfer
  • Complete Systems from Unloading Bulk Deliveries to Point of Use Dispensing
  • Powder, Granulations, Ore, Rock, Packages, and Components
  • Bulk Material Handling (Dry, Liquid)
  • Pneumatic Conveying

Structural / Building Engineering Services

True North Engineering, LLC (TNE) is a licensed Structural Engineering Design Firm that provides structural and building engineering services for various industries. In the food industry, our designs meet GMP and SQF standards reflected in the construction details and materials used for this specialized construction. For the chemical industry, we have designed facilities that are explosion resistant with specialized containment systems. In industrial applications where the environment is subject to extremely harsh conditions, robust designs are implemented to withstand the rigors of this type of manufacturing. Our engineers are experienced in the design of a wide variety of buildings and structures: 

  • Industrial Buildings and Structures
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Platforms and Mezzanines
  • Manufacturing Rooms
  • Specialized Use Buildings (Explosion Resistant)
  • Office / Commercial Buildings
  • Educational Buildings
  • Transportation Buildings and Structures
  • Underground Structures
  • Foundation and Retaining Walls

TNE provides design services to industrial companies, architectural firms, developers and contractors. Additionally, TNE’s structural engineers support the company’s Investigative branch, providing expert services to analyze structural failures and assess damage. TNE is equipped with state-of-the-art structural analysis and design software. The full range of structural design services are offered, including detailed design development, construction documentation, and shop drawing review.

Mechanical / HVAC / Piping Engineering Services

True North Engineering, LLC (TNE) offers a full range of Mechanical Engineering Services that cover the requirements of any project. TNE has experience in many industries and facilities. Our projects can be small or large in nature, from the addition of a single piece of equipment to the design of an entire facility.


  • Design of Non-Coded Vessels, Tanks, and Hoppers
  • Design of Equipment Supports
  • Design of Material Handling System Components
  • Dust Collection Ductwork System Design: New or Evaluation and Modification of Existing Systems
  • Specification and Design of Boiler, Compressed Air, Chilled Water, Hot Water, Cold Water, and Vacuum Systems


  • Systems for Food Manufacturing, Chemical Processing, Warehousing and Offices
  • Systems with Temperature and Humidity Control, HEPA Filtration
  • Design of Systems to Achieve Room to Room Airflow and Balance
  • Design of Exhaust Hoods and Special Push-Pull Units for Open Vats and Tanks
  • Ventilation and Exhaust for Special Use Rooms Such as Explosive Dust and Vapors, Battery Charging and Chemical Storage


  • Process Piping for Food and Chemical Manufacturing
  • Steam and Condensate
  • Compressed Air, Natural Gas, Nitrogen, and other gases
  • Vacuum
  • Chilled Water, Process Hot Water, and Potable Hot and Cold Water
  • Drain, Waste, and Vent
  • Pump Seal Water and Tank Jacket
  • Pipe Racks, Support Structures, and Reinforcement of Existing Building Steel

Types of Projects

  • New Facilities and Modifications to Existing Ones
  • Facility Relocations and Build Out of Warehouses
  • Design of a New Utility System or Evaluation and Modification of an Existing One
  • Feasibility Studies, Equipment Evaluation, Conceptual Design and Final Engineering

Electrical / Controls Engineering Services

True North Engineering, LLC (TNE) provides electrical engineering design services for either a smaller project, i.e., a new single loop temperature controller, or a larger project; i.e., a new 5,000 Amp 4160 VAC power feed. TNE’s goal is to tailor the level of design detail to the customer and industry standard. TNE will interface with the local utility provider when a company’s service requires modification or upgrade.

Project Feasibility Studies

  • Determine New Loads
  • Survey Existing Supply and Distribution
  • Sketch New Power Supply and Distribution Concept
  • Develop Conceptual Cost Estimates

Engineering Design

  • Incoming Service, New or Modification
  • Power Distribution
  • Motor Control Centers
  • Lighting Calculations and Selection
  • Area Classification
  • Single Line Diagrams
  • Incoming Service and Equipment Grounding
  • Conductor and Conduit Sizing
  • Conduit and Cable Schedules
  • Specification of Equipment

Instrumentation and Controls

  • HMI and Control Panel Design
  • PLC & HMI I/O Schematics
  • Control Loop Wiring Diagram
  • Devised to Controls Wiring Details
  • Functional Specification of Controls Hardware
  • Process & Packaging Equipment Emergency Stop Circuits

Plans & Specifications

  • Preparation of Drawings Used for Bid and Construction
  • On Drawing or Specifications Manuals

Project Types

  • New Construction
  • Building Additions or Modifications
  • New or Modified Manufacturing Process or Packaging Operations

Construction Administration Services

True North Engineering, LLC (TNE) offers personnel to provide administration for the execution of a project. The links below provide detailed descriptions of the roles and responsibilities of four different positions that provide our clients with the services they require.

Project Manager: Most projects require a Project Manager to serves as the interface and contact between TNE and the client. This person works out of the TNE office and makes periodic visits to the job site, principally during the design phase of a project.

Field Project Manager: Frequently a client will have a staff deficiency that requires temporarily contracting a Project Manager. TNE’s Field Project Manager would be at the client’s job site 95% of the time and would function as the owner’s representative.

Project Construction Representative: TNE does not provide Construction Management services, but can provide all of the services required except the hiring and provision of contractors and subcontractors. Our Project Construction Representative will serve as the owner’s representative regarding all of the matters involving the hiring of contractors by the owner and the oversight of their work.

Field Engineer: Some projects require technical support after the design is completed and the construction activity is underway. A TNE Field Engineer can be provided to make short term visits to the job site or use other forms of communication to provide technical support during the construction activity. This support would focus on the interpretation of the engineering design, evaluating changes to the design, and approving shop drawings.

True North Engineering, LLC (TNE) can also provide clients with a single source solution to complex and challenging projects. We offer a comprehensive range of planning, studies, design, systems engineering, program and construction management, maintenance, construction, operation services and start-up assistance to meet our clients’ demands. The groups responsible for these services are:

Construction: TNE will partner with a well-established, financially sound construction company to provide general construction, mechanical, pipefitting, millwright, electrical, instrumentation/controls, and maintenance services having experience in a particular industry.

Engineering: The engineering group maintains professionally licensed design engineers to fulfill all disciplines including process and packaging engineering and design; material handling; mechanical; electrical and controls; structural; and civil engineering services.

Construction Administration: This group consists of experienced project and construction managers who provide site supervision, project coordination, planning and scheduling, cost tracking and control, procurement, safety programs, and start-up assistance.

Post-Construction: TNE offers training, operations enhancement, improvement studies, maintenance and master planning.