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Food Processing and Facilities

The primary goal of a food producer is to manufacture a consistent and safe product in the most efficient and cost effective manner. Our commitment is to assist our clients in achieving their goals by utilizing decades of experience in applied process, packaging and material handling engineering. This can be achieved through improvement to existing operations or development of a new process from its conception.

In Food Processing, the facility is integral to the manufacturing of a product. There must be proper arrangement and construction materials to ensure safety, sanitation, quality, efficiency, productivity, and expansion. Facility design must consider regulatory standards and code requirements (FSMA) for all supporting services, such as employee amenities, security, utility systems, waste handling and warehousing. True North Engineering has the answers to these sensitive issues and can assist in the economic evaluation of optional costs.

Industries Served

Bread, cereal, cookies, crackers, pastries, desserts

Bars, chocolate, licorice, hard candy, marshmallows, caramel, fondants, gum, molded chocolate

Chips, popcorn, pretzels, nutritional bars

Pies, salads, fresh meals, frozen meals