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Amidst a world dominated by Law & Order SVU and other crime series. The real meaning of forensic investigation remains a mystery to many. Forensic investigation transcends the boundaries of traditional crime-solving, stretching its expertise into fire origin and cause Investigations. It includes electrical system failure analysis, accident forensic analysis, storm damage, material and equipment damage, and other domains.

Interested in learning more about forensic investigations? In this blog, we’ll delve deeper into the intricacies of what forensic investigators do to help you identify the reason for your failure and also to help you mitigate your damages.

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  1. What is Forensic Investigation?
  2. What are the Types of Forensic Investigations?
  3. Wrapping Up

What is Forensic Investigation?

Forensic investigation literally means collecting, analyzing, and preserving evidence to uncover the original picture of what happened behind the incident. It requires a group of forensic consultants who help you navigate the aftermath of the damages done to your property. 

It involves deciphering the root cause behind why it all happened. What triggered the damage? Was it a structural vulnerability, a mechanical failure, a programming glitch, or perhaps an unforeseen individual action?

Moreover, it is all about illuminating the path forward with different ways. To best prevent this from happening in the future, provide insightful solutions that recovery in the face of future uncertainties.

What are the Types of Forensic Investigations?

Within the realm of forensic investigation. A range of specialties exists in the form of particular types tailored to cover a wide range of scenarios.

Let’s explore the major types of forensic investigations you should know about with respect to property loss!

  • Forensic Construction Investigation

Forensic construction Investigation is a specialized field within forensic engineering that focuses on the systematic analysis of construction-related issues, defects, and failures. 

Basically, once there has been a disruption a forensic construction consultant’s role deals with determining the cause behind the disruption. So, whether it was due to structural failure, an issue within the design, or unforeseen weather conditions? —  expert forensic construction analysts meticulously unravel the intricacies of events as well as the environment where the incident occurred.

Forensic construction consulting ensures the application of engineering principles and construction expertise, performing a 360 analysis to uncover the intricacies of the accident. 

This investigative process is empowered by the mission to help people understand the root cause of the failures while preserving their assets without further value deterioration. 

  • Fire Origin and Cause Investigations

Has your property been compromised due to an unexpected occurrence of fire? This is where the fire originates and causes investigation steps in.

Evidently, the main objective of the fire forensic investigation revolves around determining where the fire originated. It majorly deals with the cause of the fire, and subsequently the reason for the spread. In the face of evidence and material loss and destruction.

The team of forensic professionals navigate through the scene leveraging sound expert methodologies, technical, scientific & engineering practices to help establish informed fact based determinations and opinions.

Additionally, this type of forensic investigation has an enhanced focus on analyzing the overall fire scene and surrounding area, examining burn patterns, understanding and evaluating fire damage, and identifying potential ignition sources.

An accurate fire cause determination helps to minimize the potential for future occurrences. The mitigation effort ensures to address the root causes and implement long-term solutions for the stability of your property.

  • Mechanical System Failure Analysis

In the aftermath of mechanical failures, the need for accurate and reliable mechanical system failure analysis is paramount.

If you are looking to unravel the intricacies of what is involved in a forensic analysis, then mechanical system failure analysis stands as the cornerstone in forensic investigations delving into the core causes of mechanical failures. 

Mechanical system failure analysis deals with an expansive number of scenarios from industrial machinery breakdown to automotive malfunctions and providing an accurate and reliable cause identification.

Moreover, the mechanical system forensic analysis is a process that delves into the left-behind clues, uncovering both the great and minute  details contributing to the overall mechanical failure.

The approach within the mechanical system failure analysis adheres to  industry standards and the needed regulatory compliances. The best experts go beyond the simple determination of the cause. They offer valuable insights into enhanced preventive measures to avoid recurrence.

  • Electrical System Failure Analysis

Has your recent accident jeopardized the integrity of your electrical system leaving you with questions about all the potential faults or hazards? This is where your electrical system forensics expert steps in.

Electrical system failure analysis deals with the causes of accidents that impact electrical systems, providing precise insights and solutions to address any concerns about system integrity or potential faults. Consequently, wind events or water intrusion can be potential causes which are out of the ordinary and could create conditions such as high resistance connections which are electrical system fire hazards.

This type of forensic investigation covers a comprehensive examination of the electrical systems, wiring configurations, low and high-voltage equipment, and much more. Thus, the entire analysis is intended to pinpoint the disruption caused, identify the reason for the disruption, and then the potential ongoing or future issues, leveraging a thorough understanding of the system’s  configuration, process, function, and integrity.

  • Accident Forensic Analysis

Hands down, the accident forensic analysis stands out as the most prevalent form of forensic examination, due to the sheer frequency of accidents requiring assistance. The high volume of accidents underscores the significant popularity specific to this forensic specialization.

Accident forensic analysis basically revolves around an in-depth accident site investigation, gathering photographic evidence of the site, and documentation of probable or potential evidence.

In the event of motor vehicle accidents, an enhanced examination of the circumstances is conducted where every intricate detail of the damage is addressed inclusive of potential mechanical issues, medical conditions, and human error.

Wrapping Up

Whether you are facing electrical failure, property damage, vehicle accidents, or mechanical system failure. A forensics examination helps you get in-depth information into the root causes of the disruptions or incidents.

Additionally, an effective and comprehensive  forensic investigation is critical to understanding the root cause of your incident, and then knowing the best steps to take going forward to prevent a future loss.

Connect with True North Engineering to address your forensic challenges. Find clarity in the fog of a loss incident, and re-establish and protect your property’s integrity.

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