Building Envelope Analysis

Has your commercial property been compromised due to water leakage, roof damage, Improper Insulation, cracks or deterioration, persistent mold problems, or other structural Issues? We at True North provide you with the ultimate forensic building envelope analysis addressing specific causes to help you figure out precisely what happened to your property. The process encompasses an enhanced assessment of intricate details within the scene leveraging modern technology. By leveraging cutting-edge tools and techniques, we not only identify the immediate factors contributing to property damage but also ensure a thorough and precise understanding of the complexities involved. Additionally, understanding the vitality of a building’s roof in how it responds to harsh weather conditions demands maintenance. We at True North Engineering (TNE) recognize the importance of commercial roof designs and address them with a comprehensive suite of consulting services tailored to fit your needs. Considering the pool of challenges, we extend our services from roof uplift resistant testing, asset management, construction QA/QC, and water and air infiltration testing. All of this is performed leveraging top-notch thermography technology for conducting non-destructive large commercial roofing systems with enhanced precision and adequacy. Keeping your roof’s longevity as our priority, we help you address issues earlier in the forensic investigation process saving you time and money.