True North Engineering Group

True North is an energy powerhouse with 25 years of legacy in industrial forensic analysis and cutting-edge water mitigation solutions. We excel in pinpointing the root cause of disruptions, particularly in addressing your water-related challenges. Our expertise lies in navigating critical forensic investigations to determine whether the disruption stemmed from faulty construction, design flaws, or unexpected weather conditions. Merging economically viable expert solutions with investigative expertise, we offer not just analysis but the precise strategy for a resilient industrial future. Embark with us on a journey as a global offshore giant, and a dominant player in the renewables arena to empower safety, sustainability, and innovation.

Our Awards

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We have received multiple awards for our industrial water mitigation solutions and forensic analysis services.

Our Work

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Our portfolio of 100+ clients shows that we provide data-driven and result-oriented services to industries.


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With a team of 2,000+ experts, we are the pioneers in forensic analysis and water mitigation solutions


Empowering Global Industries For A Sustainable Future!

Our Values

Our core values propel us to be the foremost operator providing commitment in processes that are compliant with industry standards. Our commitment extends beyond routine assessments; after disruptions, we meticulously determine the reasons—whether it was faulty construction, design flaws, or unexpected changes. We offer emergency dry-out services and conduct forensic analysis to precisely identify what went wrong. Empowered by the motive of redefining excellence, True North strives for a thorough evaluation and mitigation, ensuring your structures are fortified against future challenges. Providing forensic consultancy and water mitigation services for a resilient, safer, and sustainable future. Empowered by the motive of redefining excellence in structural condition assessment and failure analysis with our comprehensive evaluation and mitigation services.

How We’re Different

Helping you tap into the realm of energy solutions, water mitigation, and forensic data analytics navigating the industry challenges with precision, and expert standard practices.