Fire Origin and Cause Investigations

Uncertain about what triggered the fatal fire incident on your property? True North Engineering (TNE) steps in with our comprehensive forensic services, providing the expertise needed to determine how the fire occurred and where it originated amidst the challenges of evidence loss and destruction. Our prestigious forensic services help you identify the origin and cause of the fire with precise accuracy along with informed decision-making. Our team of experts employs sound methodology delving into the intricacies of forensic investigation leveraging standardized engineering practices, scene analysis, and evidence reporting. Taking pride in our forensic electrical engineering services, we hold superiority in resolving issues involving electrical components, remodeling, and maintenance activities. With precision and reliability, True North Engineering Group provides its clients with insightful conclusions to complex forensic fire investigations.

In both structure and vehicle fires, electrical systems are often reported as the probable cause. Remodeling and maintenance activities can present the potential for subrogation actions. True North Engineering brings the experience needed to investigate incidents claimed to be related to electrical issues and are frequently called upon to prove or disprove those assertions.